Mother Earth and Climate Change Craft DIY

Mother Earth and Climate Change Craft DIY

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By Babysits
4 min read

This Mother Earth and Climate Change craft project is a fun and easy way to help kids learn about climate change!

It can be difficult for kids to understand the impact we have on climate change. This DIY can help explain how we impact the climate and what we can do to keep the planet happy and healthy.

To create the craft project you need:

  • Print the two pdfs, of the happy and sad Mother Earth (print the pdfs here)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A bandaid
  • Colored markers
  • A string
  • Paper to cut to create the arms and legs.

Step 1
Using the scissors, cut out the two Mother Earths. This step has to be done with adult supervision. Then, cut out the thermometer and heart.

Mother Earth DIY

Step 2
Now, it’s time to have fun coloring! Color both of the Mother Earths. We used lighter blue and green colors for the happy, healthy Mother Earth. On the other hand, for the sad, sick Mother Earth we used duller colors.
We colored the thermometer a deep red, to represent global warming. Then, paint the heart whatever color you prefer and you’re done!

Mother Earth DIY

Step 3
It’s time to create the arms and legs. We used blue and green colored paper, but you can use whatever color you prefer! If you don’t have colored paper you can also use markers to color them if you’d like. For this, cut 4 strips of paper, approximately 15cm long.

Once you have cut out the 4 strips of paper, fold them back and forth to create an accordion effect.

Mother Earth DIY

Step 4
Glue, the arms and legs to both Mother Earths. Next, you can glue the string to the Mother Earths so you can hang them. After this, glue the heart to the happy earth and the thermometer to the sad earth. Finally, you can add the bandaid as a finishing touch to the sick Mother Earth, as a symbol healing the wounds of the Mother Earth.

Step 5
Learning time! As a last step, you can have the kids draw different things that are associated with a healthy Earth (trees, animals, plants etc.) on the back of the healthy Mother Earth. Then, they can draw some causes of climate change on the back of the unhealthy Mother Earth (cars, trash, factories polluting, etc.).

This can help them understand and make the connection between a healthy earth and an unhealthy one, ways we contribute to the pollution of the earth, and what we may lose (plants, animals, nature etc.) if we keep polluting.

Mother Earth DIY

We hope you loved our Mother Earth DIY! If you made the DIY, we’d love to see it!

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