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Babysits Community Resources

Yummy Kids Quesadillas
Kids Recipes

Yummy Kids Quesadillas New

Have you ever had a day with your little ones when they just don’t feel like eating any vegetable you try to serve them? We know we have! If you are looking for a healthy and cute snack that will not only be delicious but also packed with v...

How to Recycle with Kids

How to Recycle with Kids New

The environment needs your help! As Greta Thunberg keeps saying, our planet is slowly changing and we have to take some actions right now! But it is well known that kids don’t like theoretical lessons; therefore, it’s important to portray t...

DIY Egg Carton Tulips
Do It Yourself

DIY Egg Carton Tulips New

Wondering what to do with your empty egg cartons? We have the perfect DIY for you! Upcycle your old egg carton into a cute decoration for your home. It is a great DIY activity for parents, kids, and babysitter to do together! Plus, you can...

Science Experiments for Kids

Science Experiments for Kids New

If you’re looking for simple yet fun and educational science experiments to do together with your kids - we’ve got you covered! These 3 science experiments for kids are quick, fun and (most importantly) require minimal mess.

Easy Banana Snacks
Kids Recipes

Easy Banana Snacks New

Did somebody say Banana? Everyone loves bananas because they are delicious and healthy. You can eat them raw as a fruit or mash them and prepare some delicious banana bread or maybe banana pancakes with them. We decided to transform them in...

#Momlife - a realistic view
Tips for Parents

#Momlife - a realistic view New

It is normal for parents to feel overwhelmed as a lot of responsibility comes with raising children. Whether you are homeschooling your kids, working from home, keeping children mentally and physically healthy at the same time can be a chal...

Mother’s Day 2020 gift ideas
Tips for Babysitters • Tips for Parents

Mother’s Day 2020 gift ideas New

Mother’s Day is a day where we honor our beloved mothers. It is not always easy to be a mom, so it is even more important to have a day to celebrate them! Every year before this special day many children ask themselves how they should surpr...

The Babysits App
Platform tips

The Babysits App New

Next to our Babysits platform you can also use our Babysits App. If you prefer to book your babysitting appointments or answer your messages via your phone, the Babysits app might be handy for you!

Dinosaur Finger Painting
Do It Yourself

Dinosaur Finger Painting New

Kids love nothing more than making a mess! So why not let them get their hands dirty whilst having fun and being creative? Our dinosaur finger painting craft is simple, quick and plenty of fun for little ones.

Learn How to Tie Your Shoelaces
Do It Yourself

Learn How to Tie Your Shoelaces New

If your little one hasn't quite mastered the art of tying their shoelaces yet, then this DIY is for them! After all, it’s one less thing you’ll have to do in the morning! To make learning to tie shoelaces a little more fun, we’ve created th...

Frozen Yogurt Bites
Kids Recipes

Frozen Yogurt Bites New

We all love to indulge in a bowl of ice cream every now and then, but what if you could enjoy ice cream without worrying about the added sugar? Our homemade frozen yogurt bites are the perfect recipe for the whole family to enjoy.

Story of the Tooth Fairy
Tips for Parents

Story of the Tooth Fairy New

Every year kids all over the world lose their baby teeth to make room for their new adult teeth. The tooth fairy has a lot of work to do every night! Every year kids all over the world lose their baby teeth to make room for their new adult...