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Babysits for Work

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Working parents have been facing difficulty finding childcare, especially when both parents are working. Juggling working from home and taking care of their children at the same time is a difficult task to manage. As a company you want to support your employees in the best possible way. Help your employees by offering a more affordable child care option, Babysits for Work.

Your organization can benefit from

More affordable childcare
Increased productivity
Higher employee satisfaction

As well as..

The world's largest source of babysitters

Wherever your employees are, there is always a great babysitter nearby. Babysits is active in over 45 countries and has over 2,900,000 members.

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Safety by design

From our secure payment system to reviews from other parents, Babysits is designed with safety in mind.

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Global customer support

Specialized agents are available to help in 11 languages, 5 days/week during business hours.

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Affordable childcare at their fingertips, how does it work?

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Find and book great local babysitters
Download receipts for expense declarations

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Including childcare expenses as an employee benefit is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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