Stories from the Babysits community

The childminder we found via this website is very professional but also friendly. It’s a great site, since it was quick and easy to set up my profile and to search for childminders in my area.

Amanda, Ghent

I was looking for occasionally babysitting work to do around my university schedule. I have had 2 parents contact me after seeing my profile and I have also replied to jobs posted by parents. Now I have 2 families where I work at regularly as a babysitter. Thanks again.

Sharon, Antwerp

The website has a lot of features that come in handy. I was able to find a babysitter who can pick up my son from school and help him with some homework as well. I am very satisfied!

Anaïs, Charleroi

What a great site! In just two weeks time we have found our babysitter. I’m very grateful for this site, since now my husband and I can go out again. The website is extremely easy to use and user friendly.

Chelbey, Brussels